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Recently, hundreds of these mysterious little huts have appeared on our beaches. They are, as you can see, white, about eight feet tall and roofed with a sort of parasol. All along the Dubai coastline they are now dotted along the sand in neat little his-and-hers pairs, situated about every hundred yards or so. I …

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Blow the Cobwebs Away

I’m feeling the need for a post-Christmas walk. Traditionally, my family head out for a long walk on Boxing Day or the day after “to blow the cobwebs away” (a lovely fairy-tale of a metaphor which suggests that, like Sleeping Beauty, we have inadvertently been colonised by arachnids whilst hibernating). After a few days of …

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It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas…

I am feeling VERY Christmassy. To be honest with you, I have been restraining myself from writing a festive piece for the last few weeks. I can generally hold it in until at least the sixteenth or so of December, but I really have been feeling ridiculously Christmassy for some time now and I think …

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So Much for The Silver Screen…

Despite my cynical whinging and passionate pining for the fjords (…of Kent?) there are in fact several aspects of life out here that I am becoming profoundly attached to. The perennial sunshine, of course, the beaches, the glamorous cocktail bars, and the joyous, garlicky epiphany that is the chicken shawarma – but the best of …

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It’s all a bit Ozymandias…

It’s funny really. I potter along out here, making the best of things, trying to immerse myself in this new life, but every now and then I recognise the truth of my situation, in much the same way that a short-sighted pigeon might encounter the truth of a French window. Here it is: basically I …

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Global Village: The Answer to World Peace?

One of the happiest places out here (and possibly on the entire planet) is Global Village. I suppose one could describe it as a sort of cultural theme park (I know that doesn’t sound fun, but bear with me). Surrounded by desert, a twenty minute drive from the city, it consists of many brightly decorated …

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Old Friends

Time it was and what a time it was, A time of innocence, a time of confidences… (Old Friends, Paul Simon) Many years ago I lived in London with three pals of mine from drama school. We had a funny little flat near Turnpike Lane which we shared with some invincible mice and a virulent …

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